Saturday, 14 January 2012

Annemarie Murland (Born Glasgow- resides Newcastle NSW)

Ritual and Tradition 2011 Acrylic and Oil on Japanese Paper


Materials matter to artist Annemarie Murland as it is at this specific juncture between substance and the act of painting where her works take shape. It is through her working practice and the layering of paint, that she is able to find both the form and the structure, which ultimately becomes the imagery of her tightly structured, luminous paintings.
For the observer it becomes difficult to decide whether material or substance has the ascendancy and it is within this ambiguity that an independent object emerges, potent with this binary language and with an ambiguity that lends mystery to these objects.  This provides the viewer with an aesthetic that is at once sensory, articulate and challenging to traditional notions of space.
Meaning is inferred by the physicality of these works and their placement within a gallery space – indeed all spaces.

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