Monday, 2 January 2012

The Pandora Group: a history

Artists:  Sally Bourke, Helen Dunkerley, Annemarie Murland, Linda Swinfield, Lezlie Tilley, and Patricia Wilson-Adams.


In August/September 2006 a group of women abstract artists was invited to participate in an exhibition titled Pandora’s Box at the Newcastle Art Space.  The exhibition was extremely well received and following this the group has gone on to gain critical acclaim and become recognised as a group dedicated to a very professional level of practice.  The group has had several well received exhibitions over the past few years and has gained a NAVA Marketing grant to further the prospects of the group.

The Pandora Group of artists is well aware of the exigencies of working outside the normal bounds of a popularist art practice.  In many respects each artist here works somewhat against the grain -  what might be termed as being on the periphery or working to explore an “outside territory”.

Installation view of Pandoras Box exhibition at Newcastle Art Space in 2006.
Including works by ( Clockwise from left) Lezlie Tilley, Maizie Turner, Helen Dunkerley  floor works) and Patricia Wilson- Adams
Photography by Lisa Slade.

Original review by Jill Stowell online:

Installation view including Michelle Brodie, Linda Swinfield and Helen Dunkerleys work

Detail of Patricia Wilson Adams work

Two installation views of Penny Thwaits work

Paintings by Sally Bourke

Maize Turners paintings

Maize Turner and Susan Porteus

Painting by Lezlie Tilley