Saturday, 14 January 2012

Patricia Wilson-Adams (Resides Toronto, Lake Macquarie NSW)


Abstraction for Patricia Wilson-Adams takes on a double entendre with the verb meaning both to abstract, in that sense of drilling down to find an essence, and in the sense of one “being abstracted” or lost to meditative thought. 
Her subjects are located in landscape and memory where she explores a sense of silence that is engendered when one spends long periods of time in both the bush and the studio. Here spaces become those of an interior life as well as landscapes which embrace the poetic and metaphysical.
Conceptually she relates her present work to that field of Philosophy now being described as Ecophenomenology or “that fundamental re-conceptualisation of human relationships with the natural earth (which) is necessary to help undo the damage stemming from a contemporary western history of separation from and utilitarian valuation and exploitation of the natural world.”.

The smell of peaches always makes me cry  2009
Bronze and wood  dimensions variable
exhibited POD Space 2009.