Sunday, 5 February 2012

Linda @ The Gunyah

Two images by Emily Valentine, from her Handbagged series created at the Gunyah in 2011.
I am very pleased to announce my first residency at The Gunyah in North Arm Cove which is about 4 hours drive north of Sydney and approximately 1.5 hours from my home in Lake Macquarie. It marks for me a signpost in my art practice and a venue to deepen its investigation in 2012. I intend to take some time out away from my home, from too many distractions and kick start some new work/s as well as develop my current  practices.

For this residency I aim to revisit a group of images that I commenced in 2006 in the lead up to the birth of my son and on the eve of the first Pandora exhibition at Newcastle Art Space.

Currently I am working across multiple processes and using a industrial laser cutter to create sculptural groups of works like” little families”.  Most recently I have been working with photo printmaking and contemporary photographic and digital processes.

Family and memory have been central themes within my art practice since the birth of my son Sidney in 2007 and the passing of my mother the year before. I am currently working on quite abstract wood objects based on drawings I commenced in the lead up to his birth in 2006. The Gunyah residency will allow me some time out to focus on the evolution of this work as I am working with wood and construction of forms- I feel the earthy aspect of the space will support the work.

When I visited the Gunyah last year with Emily Valentine I also thought I would like to create a Photographic series where I removed the man made elements in the landscape. A panoramic image or series of images where the civilised human intrusions would be removed.

I would also like to invite a series of “art friends” and artists (from the Pandora group) to come up and stay as it is so close to where I live. This would help me to have a holiday and to facilitate the work. Another offshoot of the residency could be to invite them to make artworks and an on line exhibition of the visit.

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