Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Poetry of Infinite Possibilities- recent works by Lezlie Tilley

An exhibition of Lezlie Tilleys recent work opens Thursday night 17th of May  6- 8 pm at POD Space gallery in Newcastle. 

Artist Statement:

The grid in all its forms continues to seduce me after almost 40 years. Each time I return to it within my work there is something new to discover. The hypnotic power of the grid resonates because it goes beyond the edges  of infinity. The infallibility and dogmatism of any grid system is rich in metaphor.

Installation view of Lezlie Tilleys exhibition at Brenda May earlier this year

A constant image that has followed me throughout my career has been the telephone doodle in all its simplicity and complexity. My recent connection with Euclids geometry has fired my interest to explore other forms of that universal image. In this instance, my drawings are dragged between the extremes of sketchy and finished, spontaneous and measured. The linear images can be viewed as maps, pathways, or a system of writing time itself.