Monday, 30 September 2013

News 2014

An open secret:  repositioning abstraction 
An abstract work of art is an open secret….

                                                                Susan Deat[1]

The Pandora Group has been enthusiastically supported by Dr. John Barnes, the director of the Cessnock Regional Art Gallery, where he will be curating a new exhibition of their work in January 2014.  This will provide all artists with an opportunity to show new work and once again demonstrate that their commitment is to making work that is energetic, intelligent and forward looking.
New work by Annemarie Murland

The work will explore a range of experiential, metaphysical and sensory issues using a range of media – painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture and sculptural ceramics.  Each artist is committed to working within a very speculative and open-ended  framework.
The  group will present work that examines new theoretical meanings and understandings of abstraction.  This is achieved because each artist consistently works towards keeping their research and awareness of current developments very up to date – they are travelling, reading, doing artist-in-residencies and exhibiting regularly.  The Pandora Group is also very aware of positioning their practice so that it forms a significant force in repositioning women at the forefront of what is now known as New Abstraction”.

Many of these artists are interested in the physical properties of their works where artists are exploring that “edge” between object and form, where 2D works are becoming almost three dimensional creating an ambiguity – a key factor in making sense of our increasingly visual world.







[1] Stuart Ashman  & Susan Deat  Abstract Art: The New Mexico Artists series Fresco Fine Art Publications Albuquerque NM 2003  p. 218