Saturday, 4 January 2014

News 2015

Linda Swinfield has accepted an offer of Artist in residence at Ashfield Councils historic Thirning Villa in January 2015 (she is currently negotiating this date). 

This residency is in the heart of Sydney's inner western suburbs near where she grew up and will provide for her an opportunity to research a previously incomplete tangent of her Masters Project completed in 2009 at The University of Newcastle- concerned with family history, social history and memory.


Extended time at Thirning Villa will provide for the artist access to essential resources available through the Ashfield Historical Society to research her great grandmother Hannah Sophia Mead and familial links to the local brick making history within the region.

Detail: Hannah Sophia (detail), Photo positive Lithograph, 2003.

Swinfield intends to research, photograph and draw a series of objects using the historic houses research facility. She will facilitate community workshops in collaboration with council, schools and community organisations.
Finally she hopes to construct a series of laser cut house forms based on research and overlay the shapes with visual responses from the community around her. These may include printed or embossed texture and images found within this process.

Swinfield has had an ongoing fascination with the recording, portrayal of place and object within her art making processes and this residency will support and enhance this practice.