Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pandora and other visitors @ The Gunyah

Patricia Wilson- Adams drawing in the window alcove at The Gunyah AIR.

Linda Swinfield and her son Sidney were joined by fellow PANDORA Patricia Wilson- Adams for four days of her two week residency at The Gunyah at North Arm Cove in Port Stephens NSW. 

Emily Valentine Bullock also revisited The Gunyah for a short stay. Making an epic trip  up from Sydney via bus and train. It was a pleasure to have company of both women during this period as both artists assisted with enabling Linda to have time to make work in the first and second weeks of the residency.

Emily Valentine Bullock and Sid toast marshmallows by the fire on the last weekend. 

Along with Trisch and Emily, Linda would also like to thank Emilie Tseronis a local art student from Newcastle Art School who enabled Sid time to play with other children and enabled space for Linda to make art works in unbroken time during the first week.- a big blessing! We all have had a wonderful and refreshing stay at this beautiful spot.

Swinfield  drew for several days and commenced several drawings in sketchbooks and singular artwork as well as directly onto lino and plywood with a dremmel drill. As well as this she experimented with Lomography, took several hundred digtal photographs and made some short films. She additionally set aside time to commence and plan her work for the Moree  Regional Art Gallery exhibition in December this year.

The Gunyah AIR is a wonderfully rejuvenating artists retreat and residency space to work and reflect... far away from the maddening crowd!

Treasure hunting at Carrington Cove.